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Based out of Belmar, New Jersey, Root to Rise is a recovery community committed to
helping those recovering from drug and alcohol abuse remain clean and sober through physical activity.

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Our Mission

Root to Rise is a registered nonprofit organization that provides free resources, services, and support to individuals recovering from addiction and other mental health issues. We believe that a combination of physical and mental diversion in the form of yoga, exercise, sport, and meditation can counteract addiction relapse. We also provide a strong, supportive community and foster personal development programs which are essential to maintaining sobriety. In addition, we deliver professional outreach programs for rehabilitation facilities, schools, and detention centers. 

recovery community

We are here for support.
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Welcome Home

Our brand new studio is open at 911 Main Street in Belmar. We have collaborated with Yoga Peace Kula offering
recovery classes, meetups, workshops, meditation, and more. Open to all 🙂



Your contributions allow us to be in a number of spaces including schools, rehabs, and detox facilities where we offer meditation
and yoga for free to those in recovery. These outreach programs benefit not only the client but the teacher and facilities as well.
Healing through human connection.

Upcoming Events

recovery meetups

Meetup with us Tuesday 7:30PM and Saturday 10:00 AM at 911 Main Street in Belmar for our weekly free Recovery Meetups. Walk & Talk.


Join Roseann Wednesdays at 5 pm for Metta Meditation. No experience required! The purpose of a meditation practice is to center and strengthen recovery, slows the obsessive nature in mindfulness.

recovery yoga

Join Ryan Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM for Yoga for Recovery. Yoga for Recovery is a safe space yoga class taught by a Root to Rise teacher for those in recovery. (Those not in recovery welcomed!

yin yoga

Join Steve Thursday nights at 7:30 PM for Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga is a quiet and simple practice, but not necessarily an easy practice. Yin yoga works deeply into our body.

Support us in our Mission

We have a really unique mission

Everyone has been affected by addiction in some way, either directly suffering or watching a loved one suffer, and we’ve created an awesome organization that works to help people in recovery overcome the disease. We will teach those in recovery to use consistent physical fitness as a means to prevent relapse, while providing a strong, supportive community to help hold them up. We will provide free services, from yoga to group fitness, meditation, hiking, cycling, etc., in addition to planned workshops on a range of useful topics from resume building, parenting, and financial literacy, aimed at healing the whole person.


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