Root to Rise

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Our blog is coming soon! Stay tuned for more information. Root to Rise


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  1. Time management is an art and a skill. It was only when I realized that, it was history. I had it once though and was quite good at it. Now Im scrambling in a fog. Trying to regain whats been lost. My time was important and I devoted so much of it to helping. The help I gave did not produce the outcome I desired. Except when I got paid for it as a RN and squirreld that money away. That money still gives me time. That “help” I did for others on my off hours (i.e. relationships) hurt me and still gives me pain but also clarity. Clarity when I process my intentions of jumping in that fire with them. It was to put it out not inflame it but I still got severely burned. So those years are lost yes. Do I have scars, yes. Hundreds of acres have recently burned down in Wharton. I think of the innocents and the time it will take to regrow those acres and acres of ash.

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