About Us

yoga communityOur Mission

Root to Rise is a registered nonprofit organization that provides free resources, services, and support to individuals recovering from addiction and other mental health issues. We believe that a combination of physical and mental diversion in the form of yoga, exercise, sport, and meditation can counteract addiction relapse. We also provide a strong, supportive community and foster personal development programs which are essential to maintaining sobriety. In addition, we deliver professional outreach programs for rehabilitation facilities, schools, and detention centers. 

A Recovery Community

Root to Rise is the organization created to help fight addiction. Our belief is that consistent physical and mental activity coupled with learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle, while being embraced by a strong community of like-minded individuals, can help prevent relapse for those in recovery. We offer a facility in Belmar where provide free services to those in recovery. We believe this is especially helpful for those who are fresh out of rehab, as we work together to provide them with the tools to embrace a healthy lifestyle, and a strong support system.

Root to Rise and the community has been so blessed to have so much support in our mission of breaking the stigma of addiction, and by helping addicts to overcome life’s challenges through physical and mental activity. If you don’t think addiction affects you, think again. If you are not yourself struggling, then you definitely at least know one person who is. Addiction is an epidemic, and we need to stop fighting a war on drugs, and to start healing the behavior and the pain that causes someone to become addicted.

Come join us today at our brand new studio located at 911 Main Street in Belmar, New Jersey. We offer yoga classes, workshops, and recovery meetups. Call us at 732-739-RISE for more information!