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At Root to Rise, we provide outreach programs to those recovering from addiction and other mental health issues. We also offer yoga scholarships, two weekly free recovery meetups, and support for those seeking recovery. Please help support us on our mission today by making a donation.

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A Note from our Founders

Root to Rise began in 2014 when two friends came together to find a different approach to combat addiction. As most things go, where we started and where we currently find ourselves are two very different places.

For the past two years, we have had a singular goal, which is to open a space where we can build a strong, supportive community, and teach those in recovery healthy habits and positive coping methods to aid in maintaining sobriety. With that goal just weeks away from becoming a reality, and our costs ever rising, we find ourselves in a position where no one wants to be: we desperately need your help.

The question we are most often asked is, “What IS Root to Rise? What exactly do you ‘do’?” There is no single answer to that question. We believe that sobriety is best maintained by focusing on all areas of self: mind, body, spirit. The way we help people achieve that whole person focus is by offering FREE resources and support for those in recovery. For the mind: meditation sessions and personal development classes and workshops; for the body: yoga, group fitness, and recreational sporting activities; for the spirit: group meetings, outings, and a strong network of people who have been through or are going through navigating their sobriety. At Root to Rise, there is always someone to talk to, to lean on, to help, to hang out with.

The other part of what we do is outreach in detoxes and rehabs, detention centers, and schools. The reason for being in rehabs and detention centers is fairly self-explanatory, but you may be wondering why we chose to take our program to schools. The answer is quite simple: we want to create awareness about addiction and promote self-awareness, which in turn we believe will help these kids recognize and positively deal with harmful, destructive behaviors. By humanizing and destigmatizing this disease, we hope to create a culture where they feel it’s okay to ask for – and offer – help when needed.

Please help us by donating anything you can. As cliché as this is, even $1 contribution will help us reach our goal. Addiction is an epidemic that affects all of us in some way. Please help us continue to do this work.

Thank you as always for your continued love and support!

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